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Trust. That beautiful treasure we hand to other people as friends, as lovers, our family members, our children. Trust.

The promise that they will be there. The heart of the person in your hands. Trust. I trust you to not hurt me, I trust you to not do this .. or not do that.

There is trust. A bond that once it's formed and has a chance to develop is so strong continents apart will not break it. Trust.. that once given it's like lending out a piece of you or them to you.

It's right there... trust.

And yet... once broken, the pain runs deep. That chasm an abyss. So dark, so noticeable. nothing is ever the same after it's broke. 

The pain too great.
The uncertainty sets in.
The doubt.
where did trust go?  Down in that abyss. Waiting for the right moment to come out. 

Sometimes it does. Survives the storm, survives the ensuing chaos. It grabs you at the right moment. Then you realize it. It's okay to give again. It's okay to do that. Because if your trust is strong enough it will endure.

Erase the doubt, wash away the uncertainty, and give it a chance to grow. Fill up the abyss and let the light in.

Trust is an amazing bond. So deep so personal. It's no wonder that when you break it... that it is so hard to get back.

How far will you go? To regain a person's trust?

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